Why Old

The Transformation Imperative

Breakthrough Results for the Whole Organisation.

In today’s competitive global marketplace the stakes are higher than ever before. Businesses with a fearful mindset are likely to be swamped by market fluctuations, whereas agile, thinking organisations have the opportunity to transform into profitable, powerful global entities.

Investing in leadership to enable improved collective effectiveness in the face of complexity and change is they key to future success

The old safety driven behaviour model:

Comply, Control and Defend

Adult development research (Keegan and Lahey) shows most (70%) individuals are driven by fear. This means their potential for high performance is often overwhelmed by their unconscious need to create a sense of safety.

The following well-documented unconscious skills were developed in childhood to help the child feel safe against the angst and confusion of growing up. Whenever an adult over reacts or under reacts to a business situation they are stuck in one or sometimes all of these old dynamics trying (in vein) to create a sense of safety through being Complying, Controlling and Defensive. (Karen Horney)



Emotional dilemma:

It doesn’t work and frustrates others because the individual doesn’t achieve the business goals

Behavioural Impact:

Indecisive, stays quiet when they have an important opinion, low achievement and dependent on others


I must fit in with and be accepted by others or else something bad will happen


Emotional dilemma:

Controlling self and others suppressors energy and creativity and leads to depressive emotional dynamics

Behavioural Impact:

Over bearing, autocratic, disempower others and create passive aggressive behaviour from others


I must dominate and control others or else something bad will happen


Emotional dilemma:

Highly self critical and high stress and anxiety in self and others becomes the unproductive norm

Behavioural Impact:

Criticise others, separate from team through arrogance and superiority complex, heavy change resistance


I argue about everything and win the battle of the minds or something bad will happen

These dynamics give rise to work avoidance, gossip, fear of change, reactive thinking and a myriad of other dynamics that stifle, thinking, progress, productivity and high performance. Keegan and Lahey describe this with research and case studies in their seminal work ‘Immunity to Change’.

High Performing Leaders – a better way

We help create High Performing Leaders to move beyond fear, and lead their team and organisations to high performance, by becoming masters of their own thoughts, choices and behaviours. High Performing Leaders are leaders that have cast off the old fear driven mindset and moved to a new, highly resilient ‘possibility mindset’.

Are you ready for transformation?