Keynote Speaking

Put some transformative power into your next team meeting

Peter Shields is an engaging public speaker, drawing inspiration out of his audience and never failing to create confidence and momentum for the people he speaks to.

Always fun, informative and rich with the right amount of complexity and energy, Peter draws on a wide range of topics, including:

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • Creative Thinking Under Fire
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Creativity and Agile Thinking
  • Organisational Resistance to Change
  • The Executive Transformational Journey
  • Fear and how to transform it to effectiveness

What’s included:

  • 2 hour planning meeting
  • 3 hour design and preparation
  • Deliver 30 to 60 minute presentation
  • 1 hour review and feedback meeting

“Thanks again for the invigorating address. I had a lot of feedback during the lunch break and most of it indicated that you hit the mark for the participants.”- Senior Partner, Prof Services
“Hi Peter. The team loved your session – well done and thank you! You did a great job! It feels like something shifted for the team during your talk. Hopefully that shift remains as we’ve got plenty of challenge ahead with the coming restructure.”- GM Financial
“I really liked Peter’s ability to subtly point out the blind spots we have as a team; understanding how my behaviour can perpetuate the behaviour in others, challenging concept that I’m glad to be aware of. There’s more for us to work on here!”-
“I found the session to be a very rewarding experience; I have very much enjoyed the journey of learning over the past two days, and the opportunity to draw on the experiences of my colleagues from all different walks of life.``-
“Peter, thanks – your energy and enthusiasm made the day far more enjoyable than it could have been.”-
“Enjoyable – encouraging of reflection; good to hear the theory from highly interested and capable presenter.”-
“Great presenter; a potent and thought provoking discussion; learnt some new skills.”</p> <p>-
“Great presenter – really knew his stuff; very well presented and thoughtful session.”-
“Enjoyed the Peter Shields session 100 times better than the others.”-
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