Transformational Team Coaching

Transform Your Team

Corporate Alchemy’s Transformational Team Coaching is for any team or organization that wants to improve performance and results. This program helps teams develop an agile thinking team culture and improved collective effectiveness.

Benefits to the Team

  • Improved productivity and results
  • Better goal orientation and strategic resilience
  • Improved sustainable high performance and efficiency
  • Improved capability to achieve within challenging and changing times
  • Reduction in siloing and increased cross functional collaboration
  • Enhanced collective agile thinking and adaptive leadership practice
  • Increased team cohesiveness
  • Positive transformation of team cultures

Organisational Benefits

  • Improved business performance
  • Reduced costs and rework
  • Improved project efficiency and success
  • Creates an innovation benchmark for other teams
  • Increased ability to attract high quality talent
  • Creates an organisational hub for leading change
  • Reduced change resistance

Who can benefit from Transformational Team Coaching?

Transformational Team Coaching is accessible to teams where the leader has received (or is receiving) Transformational Executive Coaching. Below are some typical situations where Transformational Team Coaching works particularly well:

  • The team has a stretch challenge or goal
  • Newly formed teams due to a merger or acquisition
  • A team that hasn’t hit its full effectiveness yet
  • Team is facing a challenge they haven’t succeeded through before
  • Team is aiming to create an adaptive and agile culture
  • Team is aiming to improve their practice of adaptive leadership
  • Team may be technically gifted but not gelling as a team
  • Team has low trust, accountability and / or productivity

Please note the team’s leader must have received or be concurrently receiving CA Transformational Executive Coaching in order to be eligible.

A team’s ability to transform will be equal to the team leader’s ability to transform. The consciousness of the leader determines the consciousness of the team (Bob Anderson: Mastering Leadership).

The Program

Corporate Alchemy’s Transformational Team Coaching package is a series of interviews, workshops and coaching sessions delivered over 6-9 months. The package includes the following:

  • Interview of team leader and detailed illustration of the leader’s whole system vision for the team
  • Coaching team leader to create and articulate their vision for the team
  • Interviews of key team members
  • Review all existing assessment data (and / or conduct a team leadership culture survey and team management profile)
  • Pre-workshop coaching session for key second tier team leaders
  • Bespoke (depending on needs and particulars of the team) 1-2-3 day team effectiveness workshop
  • Post workshop coaching sessions for key second tier team leaders
  • Three 1-day workshops across the ensuing 6 months.
  • Provision of relevant research and team development materials
  • Recommendations and ongoing support
“The positive effect that your workshops has achieved with our 25 team leaders and managers is visibly and audibly noticeable. Our technically excellent managers can now confidently deliver their advice in a way that both they and our clients benefit from. Their confidence with relationship building and stakeholder management has increased markedly, thank you.”- 'IT Director'
“Wow, we covered a lot of territory and without the usual politically correct rhetoric I had become used to. Everyone remained engaged throughout the day and I have had numerous people share their excitement about what they and we feel can now achieved. Thank you for the diligence in the preparation and lead up, I’m aware you put a lot of effort in up front. Thanks again and see you soon.``- ‘Regional VP tech Company’
“Thank you for last week. A couple of tricky situations arose and I feel you managed the room exactly the right way. I was also glad to see some important outcomes agreed upon by the group. There seemed to be less ‘us and them’ going on. I look forward to the next stage.”- ‘Lead Engineer’
“I’m writing this quick email to let you know about the follow through from our last group session. We carried the stakeholder plan forward and have made steps to improve the relationships we discussed. The other interesting thing is that people are being harder on each other about the amount of meeting requests between each other and there’s been a subsequent drop in meetings about meetings. Cheers.”- ‘GM Entertainment Industry’
“It’s only early days but it looks like the 3 teams are working closer together. I’m interested to see that is maintained during the upcoming budget period. Thanks again for your help and for your insistence on getting my opening address right, I think it set a great foundation for the day.”- ‘Division Director’
What does the current situation and goals require your team to become?