Transformational Executive Coaching

Take your Leadership to the Next Level

Corporate Alchemy’s Transformational Executive Coaching is designed for leaders who are ready to take their leadership to the next level. This process helps leaders improve team and organisational performance by developing agile thinking and adaptive leadership skills.

Benefits to the Individual

  • Accelerated leadership capability and earning capacity
  • Improvement in key leadership competencies and skills
  • Improved decisiveness and relationship with time
  • Improved self awareness and integrity
  • Ability to quickly transform dysfunctional team cultures
  • Better goal orientation and strategic resilience
  • Improved capability to lead in difficult, changing and complex situations
  • Better presence and ability to influence all stakeholders
  • Agile thinking and adaptive leadership practice

Organisational Benefits

  • Improved business performance
  • Improved profit and loss performance
  • Improved results in all key internal measures under the leaders influence
  • Improved retention of key staff
  • Increased innovation and enterprise
  • Improved follow-ship within leader’s team
  • Improved organisational relationships with key external stakeholders
  • Moves organisation towards an agile thinking and adaptive culture

Who can benefit from Transformational Executive Coaching?

Transformational Executive Coaching is aimed at senior managers and executives. It can also be adapted to suit high potential or future leaders if the maturity is present. Below are some typical situations where Transformational Executive Coaching works particularly well:

  • The individual is ready for the next level of their career development
  • The individual is responsible for merging disparate teams from a merger or acquisition
  • The individual’s team hasn’t hit its full effectiveness yet
  • The individual is technically gifted and has room to improve their people and organisational leadership
  • The individual is facing a challenge they haven’t succeeded through before
  • The individual has a burning ambition to reach a stretch goal

The Process

Corporate Alchemy’s Transformational Executive Coaching package is a series of 12 sessions delivered over 9 months. The package includes goal setting, transformational coaching, reporting and reviews.

The package also includes:

  • 14 hours 1 to 1 coaching
  • 2 half day 1 to 1 highly experiential off-sites
  • Unlimited phone calls between the client and the coach
  • As required contact between the Client Sponsor and the Coach
  • Unlimited emails between all parties
  • Leadership Circle Profile: 360 feedback instrument at beginning and retest at the end
  • Provision of up to 10 relevant research articles / white papers on leadership
  • Free access to upcoming Corporate Alchemy transformation publication (coming soon)
  • Free copy of Leadership Alchemy
“Working with Peter over the last year has been the best investment I’ve made in my career, and in myself. He’s helped me become a wiser and more authentic version of me – a version of me that I never knew was possible. And that’s the real power of his coaching - he sets you on a journey to discover what you never knew you didn’t know, and it’s a journey I’m keen to continue.”- ‘Senior Team Leader’
“I have used coaches in the past and always find it a helpful process but working with you was my best experience to date. I really like the personal perspective and values you drew from my thinking during our discussions. This was incredibly valuable. It not only helped us stay focused on what was important for me to achieve but also allowed me to creatively explore my options and choices. You bring a good mix of the science, the ethical, the business and the personal which helped me a lot to understand what I need to do.”- “National Sales Manager – Legal”
“After the success I experienced through the mentoring, six of my group managers were subsequently mentored by you in a series of individual sessions on issues pertaining to the individual performance and productivity. There is no doubt that this leadership group has made a significant improvement over the year and I am certain that your contribution to this has been significant.”- 'Managing Director'
“Your insightful comments and probing questions as we worked through the engagement have helped me to develop a much stronger understanding of my personal values, attitudes, strengths and preferences. Key specific outcomes for me have been increased confidence, better personal organisation and improved communication and influencing skills. Even more importantly is that this has led to me adopting a vigorous goal and outcome orientation that is proving vital to my role and to the whole function of the team. Thank you Peter.”- 'Head of HR'
“Thank you for all your help this year. It's truly transforming my working and home life for the better. My developing self awareness is allowing me to understand the ways I create the reality of the impact I have on others.”- 'Barrister'
“At times the mentoring sessions were a difficult and uncomfortable experience for me. Throughout you were thoroughly professional, supportive and respectfully challenging and you were instrumental in helping me develop my leadership capability. I feel significantly more comfortable with my role and responsibilities and you should take credit for helping me achieve this.”- 'GM of Legal'
What do your leadership goals and current business situation require you to become?