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Corporate Alchemy: Transformation Awaits

At Corporate Alchemy our aim is to get you out of “business as usual” mode and help you shift towards a higher level of leadership.

At Corporate Alchemy, our aim is to get you out of the “business grind as usual” mode and help your organisation shift towards a higher level of individual and collective leadership performance.

We do this by supporting you to understand and let go of old behaviours, and embark on the adventure of discovering your full capacity. We transform your capability for leadership, your team’s performance, and the success of your business.    

Behavioural impact

Clearer, more agile thinking. Increased creative energy and innovation. A positive, solution-oriented approach. Improved gravitas. Increased achievement and strategic focus. Improved relationship with time.

Impact on your team

Increased engagement. Improved collective thinking. A robust and resilient culture of innovation. Greater productivity and efficiency and a new edge that will allow your business to thrive.

Business impact

Improved results. Improved growth. Improved stakeholder impact. Improved shareholder value. Improvement of all key internal measures.

Our Approach

Corporate Alchemy provides premium bespoke individual and group transformational coaching.

We take a whole person and system approach, rather than a linear focus. We build our work around real, ambitious business goals meaning our clients’ development is firmly rooted in the organisations business objectives and strategy.

About Corporate Alchemy

At Corporate Alchemy, our vision is to create solutions-focused, agile, innovative, and hugely successful organisations. We do this by developing leaders to discover perspective, self-knowledge and a powerful ability to leverage their and their team’s actual impact on key business outputs.

We have more than 15 years’ experience in business performance coaching. We use proven business performance psychology and researched leadership effectiveness techniques to transform individuals and teams. The end result is a profitable culture driven by agile thinking and adaptive leadership.

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Institute of Chartered Accountants02
Torch Publishing Company
Manpower Group
St George Bank

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BHP Coal

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Clayton Utz
Fox Sports
The one-to-one sessions you provided were very helpful. They allowed me to identify the priorities in my new role and develop ideas for implementing actions. They also helped me achieve better focus on priorities, better decision making and implementation, focus on areas for self development and use coaching skills to manage relationships better.- Senior Procurements Officer
Peter is an outstanding coach who assisted me to develop my leadership capability. Peter's supportive but direct and constructively challenging approach, plus his almost miraculous ability to add what is missing to create an insight or shift, have helped me to take significant steps forward in my personal and leadership journeys. I received similar feedback from others in my organisation that were at varying stages of their leadership development, who received coaching from him. I recommend Peter without hesitation.- Distribution Program Manager
At times the mentoring sessions were a difficult and uncomfortable experience for me. Throughout you were thoroughly professional, supportive and respectfully challenging and you were instrumental in helping me develop my leadership capability. I feel significantly more comfortable with my role and responsibilities and you should take credit for helping me achieve this.- GM of Legal
We have covered a lot of ground and your many and varied technique always helped me to approach issues from a different perspective and to find solutions which I would not have arrived at alone. Your mentoring definitely helped me to address some important issues and to change my approach for resolving them. My team thanks you.- Accountant
Thank you for all your help this year. It's truly transforming my working and home life for the better. My developing self awareness is allowing me to understand the ways I create the reality of my career.- Barrister
The sessions have enabled me to develop a more confident and powerful leadership style. My decision making capacity has improved two fold and I have far greater clarity for the strategic direction we are taking. I have strengthened my relationships with my team and with my colleagues. My relationships across and outside the organisation have grown stronger as a result of the reflection and insights afforded by the expert mentoring I've received.- Operations Director